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Our story began in 2017 when we started falling in love with the stories behind every brand. Behind these brands, we see the LOVE and PASSION, IDEAS and CREATIVITY, PULSE and HEARTBEAT of talents both locally and from all around the world.

Being the leading platform of Malaysia’s largest retail management, brand development and e-commerce network for local brands, we are passionate in driving your brand’s success by sharing your brand story. We believe in working with brands that carry an aspiration to bring about a uniquely different lifestyle to people.

Whether you have a brand that is relatively new or has been in the market for a few years, you will find working with us to deliver your ‘brand message’ to your customers and corporations would create a memorable experience for them through our many exciting marketing campaigns, media presence and interactive social media content.

Our Vision

We drive local brand’s success

Our Mission

Develop profitable returns for brand owners

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More About A Day 一日商号

We are a creative business platform with a social mission.  We know the challenges new and local brands would face in the competitive retail market. A Day Media engages multi retail and marketing channels to maximise your brand exposure within a short time. Our mission is to develop profitable returns for our brand owners while providing a unique and innovative experience to the market.

We build our SUCCESS upon your SUCCESS.

What We Do

We embrace good products that are made and how these products can enhance the quality of a Simplicity Lifestyle.
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Find out more insights about our business and Artisans in local, regional and international trade publications.
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